The Bridge


Most songs follow a similar structure of alternating verses and choruses, a bridge, then another chorus, sometimes with revised lyrics.

Most songs have a story or a theme to tell, and throughout the song, artists develop this focus. WE as humans experience so many things and learn something new every single day, so naturally, we each find a way to share this new knowledge to each other whether we know it or not. Whether it be telling a friend about your day over a cup of coffee or reading a newspaper or perhaps a blog ;) , we all discover and spread lessons back and forth.

Artists often take advantage of this and create their work based on these themes and ideas.

If you took the stories from your life, lessons that you’ve learned and compressed it all into one song, what would the message of your bridge be?


One possible theme that I have learned after many auditions, interviews, and competitions is that rather than mentally compete with others, you should compete with yourself, trying to better yourself. This way, being the best you you can be, you will stand out, and possibly result in your success.


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