I’ve got the Blues

Blues Frame

Many artists face depression.

It isn’t uncommon to associate musicians,

visual artists, writers as depressed. Many of

them reveal or are found to be on the influence

of drugs or alcohol as a result of their unavoidable

sadness. Before all the drugs and alcohol, damaging

the receptors that receive endorphins, the artists are

in fact causing their own depression as a result of

their creative thinking. Read  The link between

depression and creativity, and how it can be good

for you to read Tanner Christensen’s post about the

topic from http://www.creativesomething.net/.

As you could have probably already assumed, I am a

really creative person, and I am constantly experiencing

different moods and feelings as a result of my creative

process, so I do believe the assertions of this post are

true. I do not truly experience depression as a mental

disorder because I’ve always had an extremely optimistic

trait, but like all artists I tend to be moodier than most



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