Have you ever noticed how singing in the

shower and singing in onstage are entirely



Besides your voice being masked by steaming,

falling water, while showering, the difference is in

your audience.

On stage, whether you’re in front of twenty or two

million people, you intend to sing and perform as

you would in front of others. In the shower, you know

you are vocalizing mostly in private besides perhaps

a relative or roommate.

When you know who your audience is your

performance will dramatically. Performers who tend

to have “stage fright” are worried about receiving the

approval of their audience which is perfectly natural.

Despite this, being nervous often hinders a person’s

confidence and therefore their performance, so it is a

common challenge for many performers to over come

this. It is an easy concept to comprehend, but it is more

difficult to follow when you are actually on stage. As a

result, it is advised to artists that they over rehearse so

that in case they are terribly nervous, their talent and

skill shine through nonetheless.


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