Indie v. Mainstream

The indie music scene, which is considered to be

a subgenre of alternative rock, is known to be a

genre of music independent to the mainstream.

These artists, as defined by the “alternative” of

alternative rock, tend to create music that are

different from popular and pop rock music.

Ironically, indie music is becoming more popular

nowadays with the aid of modern ways of music

distribution. Indie music also uses catchy hooks

and dance-like instrumentation that is used in

popular music to catch listeners’ ears and replay

in their heads’ for days. Technically, a lot of indie

music can be considered pop, but stylistically they

are different enough to separate, although some

artists are considered indie pop.


The album cover of The Arctic Monkey’s AM,  a popular

indie rock  band from England.

Personally, I  generally prefer indie music to pop music

because I find it focuses more on the instrumentation.

A recent fad, where many indie listeners were called

out for being hipsters (although many hipsters do

listen to indie music),  had become a nuisance to many

listeners of independent music. Listeners of popular

music found that listeners of indie music were being

difficult for listening to music separate from what was

popular. On the other side, indie listeners thought it was

lame to simply  follow music based on what the masses

did. Although this name-calling fad has died down, the

separations between genre listeners continues .

                          “Hipsters = Elitists”

This example is not the only situation where there are

social tensions between popular and more underground

works followers. In the literary world, there are groups of

more obscure elitists that condescend readers of popular

genres. Modern readers often dislike and avoid strange

works, judging these authors as absurd.

Despite this, both obscure and popular fiction readers

tend to mutually enjoy. This is a genre that most

readers tend to join together upon. Meanwhile, classical

music to indie listeners and popular listeners is often

mutually disliked.


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