A workshop is a discussion between artists and

creators specifically purposed to constructively

criticize works, projects, and ideas. Often offered

as a class for artists and students to help improve

their craft in areas they struggle in, workshops are

the adult version of what elementary and

intermediate school students know as peer-editing

and peer-revising.


For many artists, others commenting on their work

can be a difficult, often nerve-wracking experience.

I have taken a narrative writing-based workshop

class which was my first real experience in

workshopping. While most comments that are made

on paper and spoken directly are (usually) more

positive than not, the comments that require the

author to consider choices and errors he or she has

made are actually more useful than plain

compliments. Although commonly thought to be

a session of mistakes the artist has made, a

workshop is actually more of a discussion of

authors’ choices in their pieces.

Artists should definitely consider workshops

despite their fear of handing their works to

others to be butchered. Being afraid of

others disliking your work is a sign that you

care about it, so in order to improve your

work and future works, I recommend

attending a workshop.


One thought on “Workshops

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