One way art is like a person is how it has
many faces. When an artist or a writer
creates a piece of work, it is his or her
purpose to enable his or her audience to
interpret and critique his or her work.

one moon

It is often said that the moon has many faces as it has many lunar stages where

different sides of it are visible to different sides of Earth at different times.

A single person can have a hundred identities,
even unintentionally. If that one person acted
“as himself” to every person he interacted with,
he would still be unable to maintain a single
identity. As a matter of fact, even if he or she
treated every single person the exact same way
he or she would independent of the situation
(which really would be impossible), this
person’s audience, their friends, family
members, acquaintances, et cetera, will each
view this person in his or her individual way

Writers and artists in a novel, in choreography,
in a painting will portray their subject based on
the perspective of a certain person such as
themselves or based on many people like perhaps
the world. Works of art display the author’s–not
inevitably the actual artist but the author or
narrator the actual artist is portraying– take on
something. As a result not only is it the character
of the piece that is ruminated but the identities of
both the authors as well.
Artists themselves develop their artist identities
not necessarily reflective of their true self.


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