In recent posts, I’ve shared a lot about personality

and identity.  I’ve also mentioned that often the way

that people act is based on their surroundings.  In

Atmosphere, I’m discussing multiple factors in

a setting that can affect behavior.


The setting is an important factor of what your experience will be.

When most people think of setting, they think about it visually.

The decorations, plants, furniture. In my opinion, the visual aspect of

a place mostly displays how pleasant it seems. The olfactory and

auditory gives a more profound description of a place. A cafe and a fast

food restaurant can essentially be decorated similarly. But the smell of

grease and french fries cannot compare  to the cafe’s baked bread and

coffee even if that cafe served burgers as well.  In addition, the 2000s

pop/rock playing in your local grocery store–frequently being

interrupted by code phrases calling for employees to cash registers

or busy aisles– or the hip indie/alternative music playing in a discount


Of course it also depends what you contribute that determines how your

experience will turn out, but that’s another story.

It’s undeniable that spending time at the beach, in the cafe, and at a bowling alley

are three entirely different experiences. First off, the majority of the people that

you will meet and watch are going to do be different. In addition, these people

will not only behave differently because that’s who they are, but they are going

to behave differently because that’s where they are. Each place has a set of

customs applied to it. You are not going to see men in swimming trunks and

women in bikinis standing in line of a cafe. You will not see men in suits with

briefcases lounging on towels and beach chairs. You will not see people half-

dressed or smartly dressed rolling a ball down a lane. Probably.


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