Happy Holidays!


Wishing you an artsy, cozy, lovely holiday

For the duality of the cheer and the bitterness of
the holidays, I am comparing the likeness of
Sydney Carton and Ebenezer Scrooge.

Both Carton in the Tale of Two Cities and Scrooge
in A Christmas Carol are known from the premise
as unpleasant, sour, pessimistic men. They both
extremely hard, Scrooge, selfishly keeping his
wealth to himself even though he never spends it,
Carton, giving all his credit to Stryver–not to help
Stryver in any way but because he doesn’t give a
hoot about credit or money. Both characters do
not care about the well-being of others or

Sydney Carton and Scrooge both break their
habits and their attitudes when they begin to
care for and sympathize for a certain person.
Sydney Carton becomes affectionate towards
Lucie Manette when she emphasizes with him,
and at the end of the book, he sacrifices himself
for her, redeeming himself. Although it can be
said Scrooge started changing for the well-being
of himself, it is his sympathy for Tiny Tim that
causes him to turn himself around with the help
of the ghosts.

I hope you, even if you have had an unfortunate
couple months or year, enjoy this holiday season.
Don’t be a Scrooge or, after reading this, a Carton!
But if you must be, be the resulting characters. :)

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


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