Present Yourself

You’ve got to deliver a speech today.
A presentation. A report. You’ve got to
stand up and talk in front of a panel of
bored, highly critical faces that determine
the result of your whole entire future.


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Change is the main cause of Stress

Same theme, different layout.

This doesn’t actually count as a post,
but this is just a notification
conversion from static to scrolling.

The cause is from feedback that
accessing previous posts has been
difficult for some followers, so a
change has come. :)

Thanks for discovering the
foundations of art with me, and
I know change is stressful, but I
assure you it’s better this way.
Particularly those of you scrolling
with your pet mice. I know.

If not, with the power of comments
and feedback, this change can be
reverted. :)

Welcome back.

“Mish Mash” n…

“Mish Mash”
A collection or mixture of unrelated things; a hodgepodge.


flower field

A gorgeous field of flowers adjacent to an ordinary town.

A women-empowering song by rising sisters band, Haim.

Kina Grannis’ great song enhanced in her amazing video.


Pigment rising as smoke out of mason jars.

FTP’s new single to painting of the mural of their new album cover.


It can be argued that the collection above can be categorized and can be considered related but simply stated, it is a mish mash of videos, songs, and photos I like.