Present Yourself

You’ve got to deliver a speech today.
A presentation. A report. You’ve got to
stand up and talk in front of a panel of
bored, highly critical faces that determine
the result of your whole entire future.


Okay, so maybe your audience is actually
your peers and a couple of instructors
this semester. Same difference. Still,
you’re wondering what kind of present
you’ve been required to deliver and why
that has to jeopardize your future as a

Nonetheless, this speech is important to
you, and that is why you naturally are in
fact nervous and worried. How can you
discuss your given topic for more than
two minutes? How are you going to be
able to continue developing your thoughts
when you swear there is absolutely no
oxygen flow to your brain?

Your presentation is dependent on how
you present yourself.

I’m calling this process Preparation Yawn.


No, this process is not intended to bore your
audience, but awaken it. Yes, the process name
is psychologically reversed from its intention.
But that’s only for your amusement in recalling
the process in the future.

The P of Preparation Yawn is self-explanatory
as it is how well you prepare for your
presentation. Make sure that you address allquestions that may arise from your given
topic such as what its origin and history is
what it is today, and what it will be in future.
You should rehearse your presentation and
prepare cue cards with notes, NOT your speech

The Yawn part of the process is arousing youraudience from their boredom of previous
presentations and lack of attention. Make
sure to to create and/or use a visual for your
presentation whether it be a poster or
Powerpoint slides, if possible. Images tend to
capture audience’s views when words do not,
so utilize a visual.

Of course confidence, charm, and tone arefactors that may aid your presentation, but
it is your preparation and use of presentation
that will make or break you, though with great
preparation and experience, these factors will
likely develop.

Remember, Preparation Yawn is the process
in which you are to present yourself.

Thanks for reading and good luck on your
presentation. :)


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