The Hot Seat

“[Insert name], you have five minutes to create a presentation

to defend or argue the idea of…”

Sometimes spontaneity arrives when we least expect it.

As that is the definition of  spontaneity.

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First Impressions

A common rule taught is to never judge a book by its cover.

That by reading it, the pages may be entirely different from

what was expected. That by reading it a second or twenty-

second time, you learn something you hadn’t the first time.


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The Think-It Theatre


The innovation project of six high school sophomores,

the Think-It Theatre combines art and learning to inspire

elementary school kids to write and draw stories. Visiting

their local after-school tutoring place every Friday, the 

group meets with second and third graders giving them

themes and ideas to help spur creativity. The group

plans to document their process as well as progress and

also create a video capturing the results of their project.

The Think-it Theatre is currently in Week 2 of meeting with

the kids.

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The Think-It Theatre