First Impressions

A common rule taught is to never judge a book by its cover.

That by reading it, the pages may be entirely different from

what was expected. That by reading it a second or twenty-

second time, you learn something you hadn’t the first time.


The cover you choose may be a snapshot of you.

Of course everyone’s opinion varies, and your impression will

likely be influenced by your experiences and beliefs, likes and

dislikes. Your initial reaction to something also is based on your

feelings at the moment. In fact, when your attitude is positive, you

listen to a catchy song that may instantaneously become a

favorite. However, in a bad mood, you may listen to the song,

which may happen to be a love song, and you may find that you

hate it.

Our moods are always changing, and our opinions tend to as well.

If you find that you feel strongly about something, whether it be

that you love it or despise it, I recommend that you should try to

read it, listen to it, and experience it again.

One of my favorite songs right now.

I interpret that the subject, a male character is

haughty and carefree, both hated and loved by

men and women.


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