The Hot Seat

“[Insert name], you have five minutes to create a presentation

to defend or argue the idea of…”

Sometimes spontaneity arrives when we least expect it.

As that is the definition of  spontaneity.


Our greatest opportunities occur when we least expect it,

and that is the perfect time for us to prove ourselves.

Although it may seem like odd advice to “Be prepared”

as you don’t know exactly what it is you need to prepare

for or how, it is an accurate tip. Your boss, friend, or

whoever may be challenging usually doesn’t expect

much from your response. In fact, they probably have

lower expectations of you than yourself. Surprise is such

a powerful element that, if utilized, it can help bump you

ahead of what you had envisioned.


Whatever your skills and interests may be, you should

continue to develop as you may be tested when you

least expect it.



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