Love, unlike one of the first impressions

most people get, is more than solely affection

between two lovers. Love also exists between

family members, friends, and inanimate objects.


Love often begins between parents and their children

where the child is nurtured by their parents mostly

instinctively since their child’s birth.

Love develops between siblings, often

reminiscent of the affection parents show their

children. It is frequently thought that the bond

between sisters and between brothers are stronger

than that between a brother and sister, but as

there are countless situations in existence, this

isn’t necessarily so.

Speaking of brothers and sisters, affection and

the relationship between friends of the same

gender are know as a brotherhood or a sisterhood.

Like between siblings the bond also occurs between

genders, and affection towards a friend is developed.

They says that friends are the family you choose, and

it is the result of the necessity to have to create  the

affection without a foundation.

The love most commonly thought of is the affection

between two lovebirds, also known as eros.

Traditionally between a man and a woman, it is the

love that drives two people to believe they are

inseparable, that the link between them is ever-

lasting, that the two are genuinely matched for each

other. This love causes the couple to wish to officially

commit to each other through marriage, where the

line between ethics and eros have blurred particularly

in recent years.


Love, most likely the strongest abstraction there is, has

a major influence on men and women in the present

as well as countless moments. Love, of course, is not to

be mistaken for its often corrupted neighbor infatuation.



2 thoughts on “Love

  1. This is great, and I like it a lot :D
    However, you left me on a new topic there. Tell me more about your views on infatuation. Have you experienced it in a way that you regret? Or did you learn from it?
    I want to know what you’ve got to say~

    • I’m really glad you liked this post as I personally find that “Love” can be such a broad, general term, but it can be divided into its different forms. Yes, infatuation is in fact another topic despite being related to love. I appreciate your interest and will maybe dedicate a post to this topic. :) Now that I’ve thought more about it, idolization, which can be considered love is more often closer to infatuation.

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