Why is it now that suddenly everyone is going

crazy online for Do-It- Yourself crafts and whatnot?

Look it up online, and various easy recipes are available

at your disposal. Why is it that people are now excited

to try to save a few bucks and make their own

consumer products?


Contradicting the previously popular and still popular

idea of buying the cool, “next” item, creating your own

personalized objects or simply decorating your existing

things have become a great trend. Using various YouTube

videos, blogs, and other websites, it is easy to access

instructions and examples of the desired craft.


Is it that “personalization” and “individualism” has become

a new trend on the internet? Are people now willing to

embrace the cool that is your own quirkiness through the

unique things you have or use?


But is it really creative to use other people’s ideas on the



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