As spring begins its transition into

summer, the end of the general

school year seems to approach quite

rapidly. In addition, many high school

students have spent the last two weeks

taking AP tests they have studied

throughout the course of the year.


Currently, you experience a sense of dread,

of inability, of perhaps even hopelessness.

However, if you are experiencing stress,

that is an indicator that you may also be

experiencing change, which is the number

one cause of stress.


Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing and can

often in fact be positive. Nonetheless, it is

important to not stress out or limit it. Stress

was intended to aid us in situations of life-and-

death, and when we trigger our own stress in

our own minds, it can be quite detrimental to

our health.


Recommended Actions for the Distressed:

  1. Workout.
  2. Sleep.
  3. Trigger endorphins.



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