The Moment in itself

Do you ever find yourself doing something

entirely unlike yourself but in that given

moment find it to be perfect. Maybe in any

other situation, you would consider the

action hypocritical. But sometimes, we do

things that surprise ourselves and what’s

meant to be will prevail in the end.
the moment

Like a king on his throne, you will have a

a law you choose to follow, whether it be

the traditional one you’ve inherited from

your father or perhaps one you are currently

writing yourself. Regardless of the author of

the laws you choose to rule by, they are the

ones you have chosen yourself to be just and

appropriate for your kingdom.


But in a given moment, if the decision you feel

is the one you want or need to continue your

life the way you plan or dream, why should you

have to follow the same path you always have?

Maybe it’s just one decision, but it is

significant, and maybe it is just one choice

unlike any others you have made, but regardless

in any one situation, you should have the

liberty to be granted that, free of any

overbearing influence.

Wear your crown proud.


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